An article tells you all about mirror headlights

Reflective items can be said to be a must-have for beauty lovers.So the mirror has become an indispensable decoration in our life.Bathroom mirror headlights are essential.In particular, female consumers have higher requirements for mirror headlights.

The dresser of a lot of people is installed in toilet now, can facilitate us to wash gargle so.However, the bathroom is usually dark and the light condition is not very good, so we need the mirror headlights to help.Otherwise, isn't it a terrible thing to look at yourself in the dark at night?But sometimes when it comes to buying mirror headlights, consumers are overwhelmed by the variety of brands.

There are many kinds of mirror headlights on the market at present. A good mirror headlight needs us to carefully select.

So what are the types of bathroom mirror headlights and what are their functions?Is it necessary to install a mirror and what are the buying tips for mirror headlights?Let's take a look.

1、What is a mirror headlight

Because the back is opposite indoor main body illuminant, and when looking at a mirror to avoid character dim, colour is unidentified and increase the auxiliary illume lamps and lanterns above the mirror or around.It is the lamp above toilet mirror, also be the lamp above toilet mirror, it is to point to fix the floodlight above the mirror commonly, the effect is the person that shines clear looking at a mirror, make the person that looks at a mirror sees oneself more easily.

2、The role of mirror headlights

Because the mirror of the bathroom cabinet is installed in the wall, the light of our room is installed in the middle of the roof.So when we look in the mirror when our back is facing the lamp, and our face will appear very dim, color is not clear, bring a great impact on our facial wash.With mirror headlights, our faces will be very clear, so we should install mirror headlights when installing bathroom mirrors.

3、Types of mirror headlights

1)Incandescent lamp: illuminant is small, won't be too picky to the modelling of chimney, commonality is bigger.But incandescent lamps use energy, 95% of the electricity is used for heating, and the service life is short, but the cost performance is relatively low.

2) Fluorescent lamp: fluorescent substances in the tube absorb ultraviolet light and release visible light. The conversion rate of fluorescent lamp is twice that of incandescent lamp of the same power.Generally speaking, it is high efficiency and long service life.

3) Led lamp: also called "light-emitting diode", compared with the previous several light sources, the advantages of Led lamp are small size, low power consumption, long life, but the price of this kind of lamp is relatively high, so it is recommended to choose according to your own needs.

4. The mirror headlamp purchase matters needing attention

1. Quality safety

In fact, external is only temporary, the most important thing is our healthy life.When choosing any item, we should put the safety of our family in the first place.Especially when buying products related to electricity.Not only need to check the switch, circuit, socket, the use of materials should also be particularly concerned about the line!

2. Style of home decoration

The lens headlight of toilet, it is an article that is closely related with our living environment.Its choice also needs to consider the home outfit style of our whole.In we can have the integral style that washes gargle stage, toilet to choose more, see its type on the one hand, see its color to choose on the one hand, anyhow must tie-in more reasonable to be opposite.

3. Workmanship and materials

When the toilet lens headlight of choose and buy when we are very attentive even is its material pledges and make craft.After all, we don't want to change things all the time, which will affect our life rhythm. Currently, energy-saving lighting will be much better than incandescent lighting, and its price will be cheaper.

Installation method of mirror headlamp

If you are installing a mirror headlight and are faced with the problem of reserving a mirror headlight line, what position should you leave it in?When decorating a house, should consider the approximate position of bathroom ark and mirror first, the approximate position of the level that such us are reserved we can decide, so how is height?Below general circumstance, if you installed bathroom ark, so the mirror is on bathroom ark face, so the highest position of the mirror is in 1.7 meters to 1.8 meters probably between, because the mirror has certain height, do not exceed 1.8 meters when line of reserved mirror headlight so.Often someone will reserve the line in the position of 2 meters, the mirror can not cover the line, will affect the overall beauty of our room.

Maintenance of mirror headlights

1. When cleaning and maintaining, try not to change the structure of lamps or replace parts of lamps at will;After clean maintenance is finished, should install lamps and lanterns according to original, do not miss outfit, wrong outfit lamps and lanterns spare parts.

2. Lamp tube should be regularly wiped with dry cloth, and at the same time to avoid moisture invasion, or a long time prone to corrosion damage or leakage of electric short circuit phenomenon.

3. The lamp installed in the toilet and bathroom must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshade, or it will shorten the service life.

4. In addition, do not hang articles or bake clothes on the lamp.

5. When the bathroom mirror headlight with a long time, to pay attention to observe whether the lamps and lanterns aging, whether the color of the tube has changes, to avoid dangerous occurrence.

Small consolidation language: that is so relevant introduction about lens headlight, part of the family bathroom space of the daylighting is insufficient, plus use lighting is given priority to with warm yellow between wei yu, if bath bully for light alone, the emergence of the lens headlight is very good solve the problem of the bathroom lighting, install lens headlight brightness increase area.So it's necessary.But when again choose and buy and installation, also want to combine the relevant content that small solid introduces for you.

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