Bathroom mirror ark chooses so, friends kua is neat good-looking

The product that receives this important mission is shouldered in the bathroom, blame bathroom ark belongs to, to medium and small family especially, of bathroom ark receive ability to appear decisive.

Cabinet put oneself in another's position space is put in there actually, want to enlarge a space nothing more than the bathroom ark that chooses a few wider, however this has to be confined to dimensional size however, since ground space does not have way out, we are inferior to go to metope space to think method.Can consider to change the mirror of original plane into the lens ark that has bigger receive an ability, increased mirror area not only, also come out at a stroke many store a space.

But the lens ark on market often fish and dragons jumble together again, what kind of lens ark is quality to have assurance after all, can promote household life quality again?

Powerful storage function

Serve as a to receive and the lens ark that be born, receive a function whether powerful can say is the most important standard that evaluates stand or fall, appropriate ply and height, ability finds a place for to protect skin to taste, cosmetic to wait for all sorts of bottles and jars more appropriately.

Inside cabinet of bathroom lens lies between a rich layer, use mobile clapboard design, can adjust the height of each layer according to actual need.Lens ark ply can contain the water milk of common norms, come so, clean face, body milk, protect skin to taste the beloved thing such as the place that proper find a place for.

Fog quickly, mirror image clear

For the mirror, the most important is imaging clear, and the function is more important.The mirror cabinet is in such a humid environment in the bathroom. When it rains or just takes a bath, it is easy to form fog on the mirror surface when the humidity is heavy. At this time, the fog dispersal ability of the mirror cabinet is relatively strong.Avoid to wipe mirror face with dishcloth even, perhaps see not clear the trouble that form.

Mirror material selection of high quality float glass, not only imaging clear, more with moisture-proof function, fog speed than ordinary glass much faster, suitable for the humid environment of the bathroom.

According to the need to choose

The 2 points that mention above are to need to have as ark of a good lens, but on this foundation function, have the lens ark of a variety of different functions according to different demand, we can choose appropriate according to actual need.

Besides enclosed lens ark, still contain design of one part open type, can use the water milk that places a few commonly used, face frost to wait to take with frequent article.

The mirror cabinet is embedded with LED light belt, so that the lamp and mirror cabinet are integrated. Under the premise of sufficient light source, the overall style is unified.

A set of appearance level and practical in a bathroom cabinet, not only to improve the appearance level of the bathroom, and also to take into account the storage of bottles, help you easily say goodbye to the bathroom troubles, add a comfortable life.

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Post time: Aug-26-2019
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