Bathroom mirror cleaning and maintenance method

   Bathroom mirror cleaning and maintenance method

  1, do not touch the mirror with wet hands, do not wipe the mirror with a wet cloth, avoid adding moisture into.

  2. The mirror should not be exposed to salt, grease or acid, which can easily corrode the mirror.

  4, can use soft cloth or emery cloth, dip in some kerosene or wax to wipe.

  5, with a dry cloth dipped in the right amount of washing spirit daub on the mirror, evenly wipe open.The active ingredients contained in the cleaning spirit can effectively prevent condensation of water vapor in the mirror surface and play a good anti-fog role.

  6. Astringent toner or dishwashing liquid can also be used.

  7, with oil absorption paper, good effect.

  Bathroom mirror anti – fog tips

  No “foggy”

  After taking a hot bath, the mirror in the bathroom is often fumigated by steam, after water mist gets dry, still can leave scale mark, be cleaned very hard.An effective way to remove water mist is to apply a layer of soap to the mirror.

  Before washing bath, can soap daub lens face, reoccupy dry cloth is wiped, form film of liquid of a soap namely on lens face, can prevent water vapor to condense in lens face effectively, have very good prevent mist action.

  Moisture-proof tips paint moisture-proof air

  Mirror use time is long, begin to appear become foggy, still discover mirror periphery has a lot of small black dot sometimes, these small black dot destroyed mirror to use a circumstance already, also shorten mirror life.Before mirror glass is used, passed cutting commonly.Water vapor can easily enter the mirror from the side cut by the glass knife, corroding the mirror, producing mildews and rust spots.Accordingly, everybody might as well be in after buying a mirror, go up in besmear of mirror flank first lacquer, also besmear in the back at the same time, can prevent mist to erode lens face effectively.

  Cleaning tips dry cloth wipe anti – frizz

  Want to use soft dry cloth or cotton cloth to wipe when clean lens face, be brushed with preventing lens face face.Or with a soft cloth or emery cloth, dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe.Dip in the dishcloth of milk to wipe mirror, picture frame, can make its clear and bright.

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