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What does the method that bathroom mirror maintains and clean doohickey have?Jia-jie LED bathroom mirror factory tells you:

Bathroom mirror maintenance method:

Why are bathroom mirrors worried about moisture?Mirror laminated glass before the application, generally after cutting.Water vapor is very easy through the glass knife cut into the side of the mirror, erosion of the mirror, causing mold, rust.Accordingly, after buying a mirror, why not besmear to the side of the mirror on one coat of paint first, besmear also on the reverse side additionally.

1. Do not touch the mirror with wet hands or scrub the mirror with wet hands to prevent the lifting moisture from pouring in;

2. The mirror shall not touch salt, vegetable oils and acid and alkaline chemicals, which are very easy to corrode the mirror;

3. The mirror should be wiped with a soft wet cloth or cotton wool to avoid rubbing the mirror.

4. Scrub with a light cloth or sandpaper dipped in gasoline or wax;

5. Use the towel that dips in cow’s milk to scrub mirror, glasses frame, can let its clear and bright;

6. Before the bath, wipe the soap onto the mirror and scrub with a wet cloth. A layer of liquid soap film will appear on the mirror to prevent the mirror from blurring;

7. Dip a dry towel in the appropriate detergent and wipe on the mirror, evenly spread.The specific ingredients contained in detergent can reasonably avoid the solidification of water vapor in the mirror, and can have a very good anti-fog effect;

8. Astringent toner or detergent can also be applied;

9. Wipe with deoiled facial tissue, it works really well.Common problems with materials, mirrors are divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors.

When people is choosing a mirror, choose silver lens as far as possible, mercury density is high, very easy and interlayer glass is inseparable suit, not easy water leakage returns tide, can apply for a long time, the moistureproof lens that sells on current sale market is silver lens more.

Mirror antifogging has a trick to clean mirror with soap with soap liquid scrub mirror after the hot bath to the bathroom mirror arrange hair, but the mirror covered with steam, no way to take clear.So how to let general mirror have certain anti – fog effect?

People can wipe catharsis spirit to go up in lens face, but need not apply too much, if the amount that applies is too much or wipe not symmetrical get words, can make lens face instead blurred, and use neat cloth to be wiped along azimuth ground to be symmetrical.Catharsis spirit contains active agent, can reasonably avoid water vapor solidification in the mirror, with anti – fog effect.

With soapy liquid or catharsis spirit brushs a mirror to go up can catharsis spirit or soapy liquid is wiped on lens face, because catharsis is mixed in soapy liquid contain surface active agent, can avoid water vapor to be solidified in lens face reasonably, have the effect that prevents mist.Aim at avoiding myopia glasses to still can be like that!

After washing the mirror neatly, use soap to divide a thin layer on the top and it will be ok. Try it!Have heat flux can meet actual effect. At the time that the interior decoration at the back of the mirror with an electric heater or heating pipe through the mirror opposite, if the temperature of the mirror itself is very high, is not easy to cause the mist with soap to pour boiling water on the mirror, the temperature rise of the nature of the mirror can’t let the gas in the water vapor into water droplets, solidification on the mirror of nature, there is no fog.There is a professional use in the bathroom of anti – fog mirror, the basic principle is dry conditioning treatment.

Above is about the maintenance of bathroom mirror and clean method, hope to have certain help to you;Jia-jie is a Chinese manufacturer of bathroom mirrors. Our products are:bathroom mirror with led lights,led bathroom mirror light,backlit bathroom mirror;Welcome to consult.

Post time: Jan-14-2020
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