How can the bathroom mirror be fog-proof?Bathroom anti – fog tips!

After washing hot bath, bathroom mirror often is fumed by water vapor blurred, after water mist is dried out, still can leave scale mark, be cleaned very hard.The effective way to remove water mist is to put a layer of soap on the mirror.Before washing bath, can soap besmear lens face, reoccupy is wiped with dry cloth, form a soap liquid film namely on lens face, can prevent vapor to condense effectively in lens face, have very good prevent mist action.

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The bathroom mirror gets foggy when it’s used for a long time, and sometimes you’ll find a lot of little black spots around it, which can damage its surface and shorten its life.This is because, the glass of the mirror is before use, passed cut commonly delimit.Water vapor is very easy to go through the glass knife cut into the side of the mirror, corrosion mirror, produce mildew spots, rust spots.

Accordingly, after buying back a mirror, besmear on mirror flank first lacquer, also besmear on the reverse side at the same time, can prevent mist to erode lens face effectively.In addition, do not touch the mirror with wet hands, also do not wipe the mirror with a wet cloth, to avoid increasing moisture intrusion.

When cleaning the mirror, wipe it with a soft dry cloth or cotton cloth to prevent the mirror from being brushed.Or with a soft cloth or emery cloth, dipped in some kerosene or wax wipe.Dip in the dishcloth of milk to wipe mirror, picture frame, can make its clear and bright.

At present, there are anti – fog bathroom mirror on the market for sale, mainly coating anti – fog mirror and electric anti – fog mirror.The former prevents the mist layer through the coating micropores;The latter USES electrical heating to raise the humidity in the mirror, and the fog evaporates so quickly that a layer of fog cannot be formed, but such mirrors are expensive.

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Post time: Oct-10-2019
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