How does the bathroom mirror guard against fog? Bathroom mirror anti-fogging tips

When we are washing bath, have met the circumstance that the mirror is affected by water vapor not to see clearly, it is very let a person have a headache, the method that sees how to prevent the mirror on toilet next is foggy.

Use soap and water or dishwashing liquid to brush the mirror once


Use soap and water or dishwashing liquid to brush the mirror once so that no steam is created. The idea is that both detergents and soapy water contain surfactants, which prevent water vapor from condensing on the surface of the mirror, thus effectively preventing fog. This method is commonly used in the home, the effect is very obvious.

Heated bathroom mirror

Heating bathroom mirror, actually to the mirror in a lot of bathroom, the most effective means that can prevent mist is to let the temperature of lens face is higher than indoor perhaps the temperature of steam, such steam won’t condense, rise to very good prevent mist result thereby. So say bathroom mirror antifogging still can make an article on the mirror, can use heating mirror in the bathroom, such mirror won’t produce fog so.
Use anti-fogging paint

Use anti-fog coating, in all kinds of methods of the bathroom mirror to prevent mist, there is a relatively new approach, that is a mirror in the bathroom can use some anti-fog coating, anti-fog coating has been a key point in the research of many manufacturers, this kind of paint can have very good anti-fog effect, anti-fog coating by preventing glass surface water to prevent mist, depend entirely on the anti-fog coating physical effect, safe and reliable, energy conservation and environmental protection.

Post time: Sep-12-2018
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