How high is the bathroom mirror? The bathroom mirror is cleverly installed

After the bathroom mirror that is close in everybody choose and buy, when installing, there may be the problem that bathroom mirror installs how tall appropriate.Indeed, many owners may have no idea how high the mirror is,

Below that we see bathroom lens to install much normally tall, bathroom lens how clever installation, in order to achieve relatively ideal result.

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How high is the bathroom mirror

1, it is to stand to look in the mirror commonly in the bathroom, because this is below bathroom mirror the ground along should be at least 135 centimeters, if height difference between family member is bigger, can adjust up and down again.Try to position your face in the middle of the mirror so that you get a better image.

2, below average circumstance, let a mirror keep from the ground 160-165 centimeters better.When installation, pay attention not to destroy the wall, especially in the tile wall hanging mirror, try to choose in the material seam hole.Try to drill holes by water drill.Also can choose to have no frame design, because inside the bathroom often is in damp state, the frame material such as woodiness, leather USES time to grow easy to rise change.

3. If it is the bath mirror on the bathroom cabinet, at present, the height of the main cabinet of the normal and general bathroom cabinet on the market is between 80-85cm (including the height of the basin).Most bathroom ark is more common standard dimension is long (include lens ark commonly inside) it is 800mm ~ 1000mm, wide (wall is apart) it is :450mm ~ 500mm.The height that bathroom lens installs is controlled from mesa 20 centimeters commonly, the need when installing has determined good installation position first, and install the position that hangs nail.

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The bathroom mirror was cleverly installed

1, apply the mirror to the cupboard door that moves ark on, hide a few buy thing case behind the mirror, can wash gargle things and protect skin to taste classification is sorted, can use the space of upper part of washstand very well already, still can bring a few to look to toilet through the reflection of lens face

2, bathroom lens has the visual effect that increases depth, compare in bathroom this kind of itself especially small space, of metope lens clever apply can make it appears to be bigger than actual area even 1 times above.You can put a mirror on the face of the door, or on the left or right side of the mirror to extend the line of sight.

3, bathroom mirror can also be used as a screen.This kind of decoration is installed, make bathroom lens since mirror, it is the partition screen of shower room, install the folding mirror of similar 100 pages window type, can add color to the space many.Can consider to match with gray metope and black furniture, provide with white clean to illuminate a space, add the magic of the mirror, make the bathroom that come out dark tone does not have lasting appeal.

Read above about bathroom mirror outfit how tall, and the knowledge introduction that bathroom mirror how clever installation, everybody on deny with these view?Household is decorated the job that has individual character characteristic, the circumstance of each family may be different, the introduction authority above does is the proposal that gives everybody, specific choice still wants owner oneself to decide.

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Post time: Oct-17-2019
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