How should hotel bathroom mirror choose?

Bathroom mirror is an indispensable part of the hotel bathroom, clear and bright bath mirror, bring people a good mood when dressing up.Can do not see appearance of bathroom mirror and common mirror differ very little, actually inside exquisite return true many.

Bathroom mirror appearance:

The exterior of bathroom lens is diversiform, square, elliptic, egg is round, or alone whole, lens edge grinds edge, lens lens carve patterns on woodwork, delicate and practical, or serve as the one part of bathroom ark, cooperate lens lamp, bath ark, make unified bathroom space.

Compare with common mirror, bathroom mirror wants “3 prevent” : waterproof, prevent rust, prevent mist.

The image that ordinary mirror gives a person far view seems to be very clear, but in close place careful observation often has fine deformation and float, this basically is because lens body coating is not uniform cause, if put for a long time in damp place additionally ordinary mirror can become dim, coating also can cause because of rusty fall off.

And bathroom mirror as a result of the place that place, must want waterproof rustproof, because this coating USES more advanced technology, its pure silver coating can make lens face clearer, image is more true.

In addition, the coating needs to be closely combined with the mirror body to have a good waterproof and rust prevention effect.

When lens of bathroom of choose and buy only needs close range to watch figure to have without vanity, fluctuation or left and right sides move line of sight, see straight edge object to have bend be out of shape, can know the stand or fall of coating of bathroom lens.

Of course, the function that prevents mist of bathroom lens is very important also, want to avoid to wash the mirror with foggy after bath, be about to let a mirror have the function that prevents mist.

The mist proof bathroom mirror that sells on household market USES electric heat to prevent mist more, add electric heat to make lens face temperature rises through electric heat, mist evaporates quickly, make lens face form not mist layer thereby.But fog-proof mirrors are often expensive.

So, is there an easy and effective way to keep your mirror fog-proof?There is an anti-fog film tailored for bathroom mirror on the market, which is a kind of semi-transparent polyester film that can generate heat after electrification, and the special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film, which is also applied with electric heating effect.

The thickness of antifogging film makes an appointment with 0.4 millimeter, stick on the back of bath lens before use, begin to stick apply homeopically from one end, as far as possible level off, the power switch of antifogging film had better be in parallel with lens headlamp, in order to facilitate use.

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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