How should the family decorate bathroom mirror to install?

    The bathroom mirror with chic and novel style is a common decoration accessory of the bathroom .Clever installation bathroom mirror, can provide more wonderful place for the space, recommend the installation method of a few kinds of bathroom mirrors for you, make the dimensional function of the bathroom rich rise.

  1. Installation method of expanding space

  The reflection effect of the mirror can increase the visual depth of the space.To the area with this kind of relatively narrow space between wei yu, in the place that takes the door on the face perhaps left, right both sides put on a mirror, can prolong the line of sight, increase the area of visual space between wei yu, the depressive and crowded feeling that changes a space.

  2. Hidden space installation mode

  The mirror can install on the ark door of condole ark between wei yu, design buy content case behind the mirror next, provide enough receive a space for things that wash gargle and things that protect skin to receive a space, made full use of indoor space already so, can make the vision of the space is able to outspread through lens lens reflection again.

  3. Artistic installation displays abstract space

  After cutting the mirror, appropriate combination, can form an abstract art wall.Between the wei yu that gives priority to tonal with white, the mirror that is a frame with argent can very good adornment space, perhaps combine the mirror of each different on the wall into adornment design, also can make bathroom metope has vigor more.Additional, want to notice between wei yu need not be covered with ceramic tile whole metope, in won’t be in the place that water dends, undertake stuccoing with waterproof material, can have distinctive visual effect, also provided appropriate space for the installation of the mirror at the same time.

  4, bathroom mirror still can make partition screen

  Similar to the folding mirror of shutter, can hold concurrently mirror and shower room partition screen two kinds of functions, can make the space has individuation breath more.Can consider at the same time with the clean of gray metope, black furniture, white is provided the wei yu space that makes black and white gray artistic conception, again the special magic that goes through the mirror, make wei yu space does not have lasting appeal!But want to notice, fold lens use, need consults professional personage, because need considers the bearing of the mirror and the problem such as track, joint.

  So, although wei yu regards the space that conceals relatively between, not often external show, but still need to undertake clever collocation to its space, make be located in a space fresh rise!

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Post time: Aug-15-2019
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