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Everyone has a heart for beauty, and the mirrors are an important tool for grooming, and they often appear in various spaces in the home. Among them, the bathroom is an indispensable mirror, but because the bathroom is damp and has a lot of water vapor, the choice of the bathroom mirror is slightly different from the choice of other space mirrors. Let’s take a look at how to choose a qualified LED bathroom mirror.

Part1: Buying first understands the first step to distinguish the type of bathroom vanity mirror

Before purchasing a product, we must first understand that the classification of the product is always correct. So below, in order to choose the right quality bathroom mirror, let’s first look at the classification of bathroom mirrors.

First, the bathroom mirror according to the material points: aluminum mirror, silver mirror

Aluminum mirror: The solid aluminum is directly vaporized by high temperature, and then the gaseous aluminum is sprayed onto the glass surface. The gaseous aluminum meets the cold glass and directly solidifies into solid aluminum, forms an aluminum film on the surface of the glass, and then is coated with waterproof paint. , an aluminum mirror is formed.

Silver Mirror: Using silver nitrate, ammonia, etc., after chemical reaction, the silver ions are reduced to metallic silver to cover the surface of the glass, and then coated with waterproof paint to form a silver mirror.

Summary of the small series: In summary, in addition to the price of silver mirror, all other aspects have lost the aluminum mirror. Consumers tend to choose good quality silver mirrors, and because the silver mirror and aluminum mirror look very similar, many unscrupulous merchants take the opportunity to “silver” with “aluminum”. Therefore, remind consumers to pay attention to the difference between the two mirrors listed above, to identify the real silver mirror.

Second, the bathroom mirror according to the shape: large bath mirror, table mirror, embedded bath mirror

The appearance of the bathroom mirror is varied. From the appearance, the bathroom mirror can be roughly divided into three types: a large bath mirror, a table mirror and a built-in bath mirror.

Summary of the small series: mirrors of different shapes have their own unique advantages. Consumers can choose the right shape of the mirror according to their own bathroom and their own preferences.

Third, the bathroom mirror function: anti-fog function

The water vapor that comes out of the bath in the bathroom always leaves a mist on the mirror, making the mirror useless. With the advancement of process technology, solutions to this problem that has frustrated many people have emerged.

Anti-fog film: An anti-fog film specially designed for bathroom mirrors is available on the market. This is a translucent polyester film that can be heated after being energized. The special conductive heating material is sealed in two layers of polyester film. The application is also an electrothermal effect. The thickness of the anti-fog film is about 0.4 mm. It is attached to the back of the bathroom mirror before use. It is applied from the end to the home position and is as flat as possible. The power switch of the anti-fog film is preferably connected in parallel with the mirror front lamp for convenient use.

Summary: The bathroom mirror is generally fogging when the water vapor in the bathroom is relatively large, and if the consumer can not stand this situation, it is recommended to buy an anti-fog film.

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Post time: Feb-13-2019
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