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The bathroom mirror is the soul of the bathroom…

A beautiful bathroom makeup mirror is all you need to add.

Bathroom mirrors are the most important part of the bathroom.

The correct setting of the mirror will change the appearance of the bathroom.

The bathroom is a place to clean up yourself. The bathroom mirror can be used for: brushing, shaving, grooming, grooming and more.

standard bathroom mirror

standard bathroom mirror

What size mirror will satisfy your bathroom?

If you have double-sided basins in your bathroom, you should go for a rectangular bathroom mirror.

It should be extra large to accommodate a large bathroom mirror.

Bathroom mirrors are contemporary in style with metal or alloy steel frames.

The mirror on the bathroom wall has various shapes, such as: rectangular, round, square, oval, etc.

Six tips for buying a bathroom mirror

1, appearance

When you buy a bathroom mirror, you can observe whether the appearance of the work is fine.

Generally speaking, the mirror with good quality is not allowed to have bubbles, impurities, discoloration, black spots, black edges, etc., and there must be no peeling, pinholes, impurity adhesion, scratches, light transmission, pitting, etc. on the back surface.

2, imaging effect

The quality of specular imaging is one of the conditions for measuring the quality of a mirror.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the mirror image of the bathroom mirror is ideal. Specifically, the silver mirror with a thickness of 5 mm can not be deformed or skewed within 2m.

A good quality silver mirror lens thickness is generally 5mm.

3, the lens

The general lens has a silver mirror and an aluminum mirror, and the silver mirror refers to the first silver plated film of the mirror plate.

And compared to aluminum mirrors, silver mirrors are more durable.

At the time of purchase, the light of the silver mirror can be softened from the appearance.

The light from the aluminum mirror is a bit glare.

4, see the waterproof and rust-proof function

Ordinary mirrors will become dull if placed in a relatively humid place for a long time, and even rust and fall off.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the waterproof and rustproof function of the mirror.

You can usually watch the portraits in the mirror at a close distance, and move the lower line of sight up and down or left and right to see if the object is bent or deformed, so that it is good or bad.

5, observe and touch the product by hand

Confirm whether the appearance of the product is deformed or discolored, whether the straight rod is straight, whether the table is flat, whether the color is bright, whether the plating surface and the paint surface are flawless or blistered, and whether the welded surface is smooth and firm.

6, look at the storage function

The bathroom generally has a small space. Considering the aesthetics, other subsidy functions should also be taken into consideration. The mirror with a point storage function can make up for the lack of bathroom space, and the small mirror can be used.

Summary: We do not neglect its original meaning for the personality of the bathroom mirror during the selection process, so we can be individual but we must proceed from reality.

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Post time: May-05-2019
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