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Bathroom Mirrors have become somewhat of a necessity in everyone’s bathroom at home and even if you are not at home it’s not very often to find a bathroom that doesn’t have a useful and beautiful bathroom mirror brightening the walls.


Take Measurements Start by measuring the width of your sink or vanity to determine the maximum width. Then measure from the top of the sink or backsplash up to the light fixture to determine maximum height for the mirror.

2. Pick Shape contemporary bathroom mirrors come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

From oval and round to rectangular and square, a mirror can really make a statement in the room. To create visual interest, try a circular mirror paired with a rectangular vanity. Or, if you have an oval or round pedestal sink, a more angular style may look nice.

3. Frame or FramelessDo you prefer a mirror with a frame or a frameless piece?

Frameless mirrors are often glued to the surface upon which they are hung, while a framed mirror frequently has a hook or other mounting brackets. Framed mirrors offer a more custom look than frameless and can elevate the style of your full or half bath.

4. bathroom mirrors framed

you’ve selected the shape, size and frame, materials are the next option. Metal frames have a rustic look but may not weather well in high humidity environments unless specifically treated. Wood, plastic and rattan are better suited for small bathrooms where water may come in contact with the surface.

5. Select Additional FeaturesSome mirrors, such as bathroom sink with cabinet.

offer additional storage. Medicine cabinets are great in small spaces or when hung above pedestal sinks or other vanities that do not offer much storage. Another commonly sought out feature is fog free mirrors. Do you take hot showers or baths that frequently steam up the bathroom? If so, a fog proof mirror can help you get ready for the day straight out of the shower without having to wait for the mirror to clear up.For bathrooms short on space or if a full length mirror is desired, floor or over the door mirrors make excellent options that provide a large viewing surface without taking up much space.No matter what you decide, coordinating your bathroom mirror with your countertops, faucets, walls and floor will create a bath that looks and functions beautifully.

Bathrooms can sometimes be one of the smallest room’s in homes and saving space is essential to create a relaxing and tranquil space for you to take a soak in the tub. Finding the right mirror can create the illusion of space and light as well as sprucing up your bathroom décor. Perhaps adding a decorative mosaic mirror or a mirror with lights to add texture and depth to your bathroom is all you need to revamp your existing décor.

In busy family homes the bathroom can be a busy room so it helps to be equipped for everyone’s needs; our wide range of bathroom mirrors will suit everyone in your home. Adjustable shaving mirror for the boys and even a bathroom mirrors with lights will help see better when getting ready in evenings. Every washroom needs a bathroom mirror and our creative and decorative range will look perfect brightening your walls and making your space feel bigger.

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