How to choose led bathroom mirror?

Except closetool,sink,shower,cabinet, towel shelf and mirror is also necessary in bathroom.Consumers can choose not only mirror with cabinet but also individual mirror. How to choose the led defogger bathroom mirror? Generally, bathroom mirror size is 500-600mm, thickness is 8mm.Need also to check the material,quality and structure .

Tip 1 Cosmetic

Mirror cosmetic does not equal to quality but it reflects quality. If good quality,mirror surface has no bubbles,impurity,black spot,also no peeling,pin hole,scratch,transparent or pock around mirror.

Tip 2 Detail

Refer to far straight object ,carefully observe it in mirror front side,back side and profile, it will not be bent or deformed especially when we move our eyes. Refer to close distance, we can observe if feel people floating and deformed if moving eyes in mirrors.

Tip 3 Frame or frameless

Consumers can choose frame or frameless bathroom mirror depending on demands.
Frame bathmirror is with good appearance for make up. Please be careful for choosing anti-damp and good coating frame due to it is damp in bathroom .
Frameless bathmirror is convenient and easy to take care.

Tip 4 Anti-fog

For common bathmirror,we need to clean fog every time after shower. anti-fog and anti-rust mirror is necessary for us. If over damp in bathroom, we can extra attach an anti-fog film.

Tip 5 Silver mirror is better than aluminum mirror

Silver mirror is with high reflectivity and more expensive than aluminum mirror. It is not easy to separate 2 mirrors by judging its appearance,but can observe its coating. Dark coating and copper bottom is silver mirror. Light coating and silver white bottom is aluminum mirror.

Hope above tips that Jiajie led bathroom mirror introduced are useful for everybody!

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