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Buy bathroom mirror at that time, can make reference to with distant parallel line content piece, from the reverse side, side, the reverse side multidirectional ground inspects quality, look on the appearance of good quality mirror without bubble, dirt, incomplete, fade color to have spot these, when you move field of vision, parallel line content piece is not easy also bend deformation.

Have outer frame and frameless who is stronger from the convenience of application and maintenance, frameless bathroom mirror is better than the style of outer frame, because the bathroom is often in damp and cold condition, wooden, leather products and other frame raw materials used for a long time after very easy to change a lot;And from beautiful and easy Angle of view, the bathroom lens that has a frame has an advantage more than frameless mirror again, but the waterproof quality of raw material of outer frame has higher regulation, should pay attention to the plating of outer frame thin film condition when the choose and buy.

Antifogging mirror is necessary to choose and buy professional antifogging mirror, the price is more expensive and the application to the bathroom is not big, do not have the necessity of choose and buy commonly.

High quality mirror with a wide range of basic anti-fog anti-rust treatment, if the natural environment of the bathroom is too large, you can buy a fog-proof film in the flat sticker after the bath mirror (anti-fog film power switch is best connected with the headlight of the toilet mirror);People can wipe catharsis spirit or soapy liquid on lens face, can avoid water vapor to be solidified in lens face reasonably, have the effect that prevents mist.

The identification of double-sided mirrors news reports about the installation of double-sided bathroom mirrors in the past made many people uneasy about the bathroom mirrors at home. The perspective orientation of the double-sided mirror was determined by the compressive strength of light.At night/when it is dark, the light in the room will be seen outside the room.

Some people like to do floor type mirror in the bathroom and watch window scene, also can choose this kind of mirror.Except open to order commonly outside, general inn is not easy to sell this kind of bathroom lens commodity to everybody in the home.

There is a very simple and best way to determine if a bathroom mirror is double-sided. If you place a small makeup mirror against the mirror and compare it to your own face (or the same block), the color of the mirror will be much darker than that of a small makeup mirror.

Because of sanitary and relative humidity in the interior space is relatively large, so everyone in the choice in the whole process of bathroom ark is as far as possible choose a few waterproof properties is relatively good commodities, especially in stainless steel bathroom cabinet, because of its application is the metal material, and is a stainless steel plate, so its very, very good waterproof properties, but also have a very very good corrosion resistance characteristics;

Above is about the small doohickey that chooses high-quality bathroom mirror, the hope has certain help to you;Jia-jie is a bathroom mirror factory, our products are:bathroom oval mirror,led mirror for bathroom,bathroom vanity mirror;Welcome to consult!

Post time: Jan-14-2020
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