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Many others still have only ordinary bathroom mirrors, most of which have no other use except for lighting.The bathroom mirror that can make the home also is more and more intelligent, that is a kind of better life feeling absolutely, and wei yu clean has mirror to be able to make the wei yu room in the home more and more intelligent high-grade.

Wei yujie had mirror surface layer to choose to fight fouling coating to design a plan, although press with finger immediately accordingly come up, also not easy put apart all bilge.Therefore, even if it is necessary to use people’s lard hand on the mirror every day to point to point to carry out the actual operation, but also not every time to remove some marks left.

That is, however, a mirror, so also consider the food, clothing, housing and natural environment.Intelligent wei yu clean has lens to choose 100% moisture-proof design plan, can immediately tap water will clean the surface layer, in the toilet long-term application is not easy to be inside body damp place harm.If like to get a word most, can be professional to defend bath clean to provide lens to order to make good-looking contracted outside frame, but the bathroom of the home not only thereby, if the area that loves, can put the mirror over there.

Intelligent sanitary ware mirror USES a fully customizable interactive touch display screen to experience the happiness of the bathroom shower room with a new upgraded method.It is the toilet of the home not only, resemble bedchamber, dresser and even dining-room kitchen, can let this intelligence mirror give full play to its advantage.

The main cabinet that the fog-proof magic mirror of intelligent bathroom chooses high grade PVC board is made precisely, not only use period is longer, have excellent moistureproof, prevent fogging, prevent rust to handle additionally, resist corrode and prevent insect to wait for a characteristic, make you apply more comfortable in the bathroom.

Square intelligent anti-fog bathroom mirror design besides improving appearance, in addition, anti-fog bathroom mirror with electronic device, embedded mirror lamp switch, waterproof security, anti-fog bathroom mirror also embedded intelligent system software, the customer in the morning wash one that can get their required information such as temperature, environment humidity content, let the customer get more application experience.

Because the interior of the fog-proof mirror in the intelligent bathroom is the structure of the switch power supply and power supply switch split type, so the use period can reach 100,000 hours.And want to increase the use period of intelligent bathroom lens, had better be the method that is not in application mirror at that time point touch switch turns off lamp-light effect, can very good reduce consume electricity, go up at ordinary times maintain, according to dry towel scour bathroom mirror mirror still can very good maintain maintain lens clean and neat.

Smart bathroom lens anti-fog because another shift because it can relieve people’s environmental sanitation clean at ordinary times problem, bathroom mirror if there is the mist can cause stains on mirror, key ingredients: organic matter, oil stains, calcium phosphate magnesium stain, the stain but must be clean with a lot of cold water, oil stains and other stains must also apply to the soap powder, white vinegar, ammonium sulfate and sulfuric acid can remove, clean up very inconvenience.

Above is about the introduction of intelligent bathroom mirror, hope to have certain help to you;Jia-jie bathroom mirror from China, we are a factory, the products are:bathroom wall mirror,brushed nickel mirror for bathroom,circle bathroom mirror;Welcome to consult!

Post time: Jan-14-2020
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