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Bathroom Mirrors have become somewhat of a necessity in everyone’s bathroom at home and even if you are not at home it’s not very often to find a bathroom that doesn’t have a useful and beautiful bathroom mirror brightening the walls.

Bathrooms can sometimes be one of the smallest room’s in homes and saving space is essential to create a relaxing and tranquil space for you to take a soak in the tub. Finding the right mirror can create the illusion of space and light as well as sprucing up your bathroom décor.

Perhaps adding a decorative mosaic mirror or a mirror with lights to add texture and depth to your bathroom is all you need to revamp your existing décor.

In busy family homes the bathroom can be a busy room so it helps to be equipped for everyone’s needs; our wide range of bathroom mirrors will suit everyone in your home. Adjustable shaving mirror for the boys and even a bathroom mirrors with lights will help see better when

getting ready in evenings. Every washroom needs a bathroom mirror and our creative and decorative range will look perfect brightening your walls and making your space feel bigger.

Bathroom Mirrors with LED Lights | Custom Smart Bathroom Mirror

Our range of bathroom mirrors are designed to deliver the timeless style you expect whilst featuring a range of impressive features.

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how do led bathroom mirrors work

Our very clever and useful mirrors were inspired by a team of leading interior designers. Their extensive research and development resulted in the creation of some of the most visually stunning and useful illuminated bathroom mirrors ever made. Specifically designed to

enhance viewing for make-up application, shaving and personal grooming, like no other mirror.

Our mirrors are packed full of great features aimed at improving your bathroom space and saving you time in your morning routine. We work tirelessly to constant develop new and exciting technology and features, which is why our range of illuminated bathroom mirrors and

cabinets are second to none.

All of our bathroom mirrors and cabinets include our amazing heated demister pad technology, which prevents steam from building up. This guarantees a completely clear viewing surface and reflection, no-matter how much steam is in the air.

We also use a touchless power-on switch which is powered by infrared sensor technology. This means that your mirror remains free of finger prints and marks, and the mirrors and cabinets can be switched on by a simple wave of your hand.

how do led bathroom mirrors work

how to install led bathroom mirror  

Our LED Illuminated Mirrors are designed to be easily attached to the wall using four anchor type screws (all fittings included). In most cases, the steel base of the mirror is attached to the wall using the four anchor type screws. The LED mirrors power source comes directly

from your 110V mains power supply (just like a light or ceiling fan does). The 110V wiring will come through the hole provided in the center of the steel base and attaches to the correct wires within the steel base as shown in the Wiring Details section below.

The mirror is hard wired and requires 110V cabling that is directly inserted in to the back of the mirror’s steel back plate. If you don’t have this cabling available and are unsure of how to do this type of electrical work, we highly recommend using a licensed professional to assist

you with installing your LED backlit mirror. The 110V mains supply cabling (Black, White and Copper for ground) simply connects to the appropriate wires located inside the mirror using wire nuts or electrical block connecter as applicable to the model.

Once the 110V wiring is correctly attached you will then need to attach the quick plugs which allow the De-Mister to work. Once all the necessary connections have been safely made, your LED illuminated mirror then simply slots safely on to the steel base which is attached to

the wall. Depending on the model of mirror you have purchased, there may also be screws that are used to attach the mirror to the steel base. These are used to further safeguard your mirror and anchor it to the steel base.

LED bathroom mirror price

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