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After receiving the bathroom mirror, please check if the packaging is intact and the mirror is damaged. Please ask one more person for assistance in the installation process of the bathroom wall mirror.

How to install a bathroom mirror

1. First take the bathroom mirror out of the carton and place it on the front of the carton to reconfirm the integrity of the mirror.

The bathroom mirror is covered with a protective film. Please remove it after installation.

2. Then gently turn the mirror over to confirm where the hook is and whether there are two wires on the back of the mirror.

3. Twist the two lines of the mirror, and then confirm that there are fire and neutral lines in the house where the mirror can be installed.

4. Next is the tool to install the mirror:

Test pencil, small screwdriver, electric drill, terminal block. The most important thing is the test pencil.

Before installing, please turn off the electric switch or directly to the main brake, and then test the power supply with the test pencil.

Take out the foam inside the carton and install the accessories. Mounting accessories include screws and rubber pellets.

5. Measure the width of the center of the two hooks that you need to install the bathroom mirror, and then determine the height of the hook or hanging hole to the ground.

(Because the height of each mirror is different, the matching bathroom cabinet is different. Please confirm the height according to your own situation, generally the hook or hanging hole to the ground distance is 160 to 180 cm).

6. Then the hole is punched, first hit the rubber, then screw.

Make sure that the distance between the screw and the screw is the same as the distance between the hook or the hanging hole (the screw should be exposed to install the bathroom mirror).

7. Install the terminal block for the live and neutral wires of your home.

8. Take the bathroom mirror and place the carton and foam at the bottom. Then connect the two wires of the bathroom mirror to the terminal block.

9. Turn on the switch and press the touch switch on the bathroom mirror to test for a reaction.

10. Close the switch, hang the bathroom mirror on the wall, and then turn the switch on again. The figure below is the final rendering.

bathroom round mirror

bathroom round mirror

11. Take off the protective film on the mirror surface of the bathroom, and wipe the bathroom mirror surface and the surrounding area with a cloth.

12. After the installation is complete, you can look at the overall effect.

Generally, the midpoint of the bathroom mirror is about 145 to 155 cm from the ground.

The easiest way to confirm that a mirror is suitable is that when you stand, the ground is at a greater distance from your eyes than the ground to the midpoint of the bathroom mirror.

This distance from the eye to the midpoint is different depending on your installation location, usually 10 to 15 cm.

13. You can also apply a fixing glue to make the bathroom mirror more fixed.

how to mount bathroom mirror

Round Bathroom Mirror


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