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Before you begin your Bathroom Mirror experience, we need to discuss the actual large bathroom mirrors you choose. I highly recommend having a mirror custom-cut for your space for several reasons. First, a bathroom vanity will generally have a light mounted somewhere above the vanity, typically a foot or two below your ceiling (or at least partway up). This severely limits your options for a large, beautiful, light-bouncing-around-the-bathroom mirror. Secondly, a custom-fit mirror can accommodate odd proportions and obstacles (such as a light) and looks built-in. Thirdly, built-in things always look more expensive and sophisticated.

The key, however, is to produce impeccably accurate measurements to the professional mirror cutters. (Check out your local glass retailers to do this for you.)My mirror ended up being almost 3’ wide by almost 4-1/2’ tall.

To produce accurate measurements, remove the light fixture (if applicable) to find and measure the electrical box underneath. Most glass cutters can cut a precise 4” round hole out of the center of a mirror, which happens to be the exact size of a typical electrical box. In other words, there’s no room for error, so you need access to the box directly.

Measure both ends of each horizontal and vertical space – the bottom and top widths, the left and right heights, and the distance from the center of your lighting box to all four sides of your space. The reason these measurements are so important is because your space, in an old house at least, might not be perfectly square. That was the case with mine. I was recommended to subtract at least 1/2” total from the smallest width and height measurement to be sure the mirror fit. I measured about four times and, confident in the numbers’ accuracy and wanting a seamless mirror fit, ended up subtracting only 3/8”. Make a detailed writeup of your measurements and talk to your mirror-cutting professionals for the final decisions.

One you receive your perfectly cut frameless bathroom mirrors, you need to do a dry fit into your space to make sure it fits impeccably. Depending on its size, the mirror can be quite heavy and awkward; however, DO NOT SKIP THE DRY-FIT STEP. It is critical for a quality, professional end result. Your life will be easier with two (or three) strong adults ready to help. So lift the mirror into place.

With the frameless bathroom mirrors in place (it fit beautifully! What a nerve-wracking few minutes I spent, wondering if it would fit!), you need to verify several different aspects. First and foremost, if your mirror has a cutout for a lighting fixture’s electrical, make sure the screw holes are both visible and accessible. Your cutout is worthless for a lighting fixture if this is not the case.

With the cutout aligned, still holding the bathroom wall mirrors up for a dry fit (this is awkward and where multiple people’s help comes in handy), check to see what tendencies the mirror has when it’s up against the wall. For example, it might want to tilt one direction more than the other. It might slide or stick or have a hard time lying flat. Noticing and noting these tendencies is important here, because you can prepare for them before it’s crunch time (and/or too late) with the mirror mastic.

Also during this dry fit, still making sure the cutout is aligned and the mirror is positioned straight and centered, mark with a pencil any lines (above, below, and/or on the sides of your mirror) that will be helpful to quickly position the mirror during mounting. With the mastic applied, you probably won’t have a lot of time to make huge adjustments or measurements, so get all the positioning and marking done beforehand.

I know the large bathroom mirrors is heavy at this point, but double-check all the corners and sides one final time during this dry fit, looking for anything that stands out oddly. Particularly if you have to adjust one side (keeping the cutout centered), you’ll need to check the other three again for squareness.


Post time: Sep-15-2018
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