Intelligent new era hotel LED bathroom mirror

With the development of modern life, people's level of living standard is constantly improving, and they begin to pursue a healthy life concept. The corresponding rapid development of tourism has laid the foundation of construction demand and procurement for star-level hotels.

At present, hotels around the world are emerging a new trend of "intelligent service". They use intelligent new building materials to continuously improve service efficiency and personalized degree to meet the needs of customers.

In fact, the hotel living room, bedroom and kitchen are all the same, and in the "intelligent" area, the bathroom and toilet can also keep guests in mind.

In whole guest room space, toilet bathroom often is a guest the most easy oversight piece, think the time of the guest can spend in sitting room, study, bedroom even is a kitchen, and the time that stays in the bathroom besides wash gargle, go up toilet and take a bath, do not have other.

With the improvement of people's life grade, more and more guests will evaluate the hotel according to the quality of the bathroom.In the future, bathrooms in hotel rooms will increase by up to 50 percent, while rooms will shrink accordingly.

Considering that bathrooms cost the most in a hotel room, the quality and amenities of the area are important criteria for judging a hotel.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some amazing products in the bathroom.On the contrary, with sitting room, bedroom and kitchen same, in "intelligence" domain, bathroom toilet also can become very "clever" likewise.There are many products can be more intelligent bathroom, for example: LED bathroom mirror, just touch the bathroom mirror, can easily adjust the brightness of bathroom mirror light, this kind of touch LED bathroom mirror has become a new storm of intelligent bathroom!

In recent years, more and more people like to listen to music in the bathroom, and many people feel that bathing is a very boring process, because in addition to using "idle" ears can listen to songs, the rest of what can't do.With the emergence of modern intelligent bathroom mirror, guests can also watch TV entertainment when taking a bath, and these can be fully realized through LED lamp mirror, from now on, every day fell in love with the "bathroom".

If you want your hotel in the same industry to become a leader in the dark horse, if you want your hotel to let the guests never forget, then also wait for what, quickly let "intelligent service" into your hotel!Mirror zun will work with you to make your hotel, your home into a new intelligent era!

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Post time: Aug-26-2019
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