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What is an LED mirror bathroom? The LED bathroom mirror is a mirror with an LED strip that provides a bright light.

In the LED bathroom mirror, depending on the lighting situation, we can roughly be divided into an inner-illuminated bathroom mirror and an outer-illuminated bathroom mirror.

Illuminated bathroom mirror on both sides

The illuminated bathroom mirror on both sides (both sides) is one of the main types of interior light bathroom mirrors.

The illuminated bathroom mirror on both sides refers to a mirror that can be illuminated on both sides of the LED bathroom mirror.

It is a mirror that is more commonly used in personal homes and hotel apartment bathrooms.

The picture below is a bathroom mirror with a JIAJIE bathroom mirror that shines up and down.

illuminated bathroom vanity mirror

illuminated bathroom vanity mirror

Illuminated bathroom mirror around

The illuminated bathroom mirror is a kind of externally illuminated bathroom mirror in the smart bathroom mirror.

The surrounding bathroom mirrors are mainly characterized by four exposed lights on the side of the mirror that surround the four sides of the mirror to achieve a luminous effect around the perimeter.

The LED mirror that puts the light strip outside will appear brighter than the inner light mirror, and the light will appear to diverge from the inside to the outside.

In this way, we can see the side of the mirror more clearly. In addition, the externally-illuminated bathroom mirror does not need to worry about the electric shock caused by the water source being stuck on the lamp belt because of the waterproof lamp belt used.

The picture below shows a surrounding bathroom mirror of Jiajie bathroom mirror.

glass bathroom mirror

glass bathroom mirror

Upper and lower illuminated bathroom mirror

The upper and lower illuminated bathroom mirrors are illuminated on both sides of the bathroom mirror because it is illuminated from the top and bottom.

The characteristics of this type of mirror are that the upper and lower sides of the mirror are very bright, while the left and right sides are not bright.

The picture below shows a bathroom mirror that is illuminated by the JIEJIA bathroom mirror factory.


frameless mirror bathroom

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Post time: Apr-29-2019
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