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LED mirror bathroom is future trend of modern bathroom, especially in hotels and public places.

LED Chinese name is called light-emitting diode. Generally speaking, the LED in the smart bathroom mirror refers to the LED light strip of various colors. The official name is 5050 high-light strip.

5050 high-light strip

Led Illuminated Bathroom Mirror definition

The Illuminated Bathroom Mirrorr refers to a smart bathroom mirror that can be turned on or off by a touch switch.

Bathroom Mirror With Led Light including:magnifying glass,anti-fog,time temperature display,MP3 music and so on,can be called LED bathroom mirror or LED smart bathroom mirror.

LED bathroom mirrors are divided into the following small categories:

1、 LED anti-fog mirror,
2、Touch Screen Bathroom Mirror
3、Waterproof Defogger Bathroom Mirror
4、Stainless Steel Led Bathroom Mirror
5、Magnifier Bathroom Mirror
6、Led Bathroom Mirror With Digital Clock
7、Time temperature display bathroom mirror,
8、Large Frameless Bathroom Mirrors,
9、Heated Bathroom Led Mirror and so on.
10、led bathroom mirror round

According to the theme and styles of the ambience, these mirrors have to be chosen from.

It’s not only the selection but proper positions also matter a lot.

If you have a double basin, it is good to go with horizontal led bathroom .

The lights should be well-adjusted above the mirror in order to reflect an illusion of more space;

These mirrors really add face-lift more effectively as well as efficiently.

Having perfect mirrors in your would transform the appearance and surely add to aesthetic elements of your bathroom setting.

So install the them properly and let yourselves be seen by you more beautifully.

The picture below is a smart bathroom mirror with time temperature display and Bluetooth playback MP3 music function.

Also known as Bluetooth display bathroom mirror or LED smart bathroom mirro.


Why choose JIAJIE led bathroom mirror:

1. Size, design, sandblasting, all can be customized, no extra cost compared to regular models.

2. We can add time Display, Shaver Socket, Wireless Sound, Alcohol Tester, etc.or other functional components on the mirror.

3. If you need sample before production, we can provide;

4.If you need customized bathroom wall mirror sample as per drawing, we can also provide.

5. Factory direct sale, prices are factory prices, quality is strict controlled by factory, we ensure all the products are qualified before delivery.


Post time: Apr-20-2019
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