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The clear and bright smart bathroom mirror can give us a good day’s mood; have we noticed the following small details when installing the led Bathroom Mirror?

1, modern bathroom mirror height

When installing the Led Backlit Glass Bathroom Mirror, height is our primary consideration, because we basically stand in the bathroom and look at the mirror, so the height of the bath mirror should be adjusted according to the height of the family members. The height of the bath mirror should be kept at 1.3m. Usually we will choose the mirror center to be 160-165cm off the ground.

Touch Screen Led Bathroom Mirror

2, bathroom smart mirror common installation method

Due to the different sizes of the bathroom mirrors, there are usually five fixed ways to install the bathroom mirror: screw fixing, stud fixing, adhesive fixing, holding and fixing. Each approach has its own characteristics and scope of application.

Bathroom Mirror With Led

3, the tips in the Wall Hanging Led Bathroom Mirror installation

1. The position of the bath mirror should be away from the shower or bathtub, giving ample bathing space.

Custom Smart Bathroom Mirror

2, because the bath will produce hot air, if the bathroom does not do wet and dry separation, we can consider buying defogger bathroom mirror.

Smart Mirror With Defogger


3, taking into account personal privacy, the bathroom mirror as far as possible facing the wall, avoid facing the door or window.

Mordern Defogging Luxury Led Bathroom Mirror

4, we do not recommend the installation of spotlights in the bathroom, although the spotlights are beautiful, but the waterproof effect is generally poor, generally will not be used for a long time will be damaged; it is recommended to buy LED bathroom mirror

Frameless Illuminated Defogger Bathroom Mirror

5, the bathroom mirror is not easy to install in the position of the window to the door, to avoid seeing some bad things when using the mirror, causing fright, fear, especially in the evening.

6. Choose a light color in the color choice of the bathroom. Light color can make your bathroom look bigger, while dark color will give you a sense of oppression. The reflection of the mirror will be more oppressed, so the bathroom should be mirrored. The best color for the bathroom is light color!

7, the bathroom is recommended to install a bright bathroom mirror, usually the bathroom is dimly lit, then the reflection of the bathroom through the mirror, the mirror will have a strong glare, the light of the bathroom mirror will be easy to make people feel uncertain, the quality of the use of the mirror is also greatly Reduced. Therefore, it is not recommended to design a dimly lit bathroom;

Dear, the above is the small details we should pay attention to when installing the bathroom mirror. We are a bathroom mirror factory from China. If you need to know or buy more information about smart bathroom mirrors and touch bathroom mirrors, please send an email to We; good quality, low price, service to your satisfaction!

Post time: Feb-23-2019
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