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The difference between smart bathroom mirror and ordinary bathroom mirror is that it looks like an ordinary glass from the outside.But actually its function is a lot of, intelligent bathroom lens is the life habit that unifies modern youth to be fond of demand and design.

Smart bathroom mirror can effectively prevent the mirror from fogging.Turn it on, and it’s a display that displays smart messages, such as weather reports, music, and so on.Next JIAJIE bathroom mirror factory analyzes a variety of functions of intelligent bathroom mirror for everybody, and what should notice when bathroom mirror ark is bought.

A, a variety of functions of intelligent bathroom lens

1. Time and temperature display: the new smart bathroom mirror is a mirror based on android system, which can combine the system with home decoration and display real-time time and temperature.

2. Access to real-time information: it enables users to check the news, weather and other information of today by touching the screen while washing hands or face.They can also leave messages for their families and track their water and electricity consumption.

3, listen to the song function: the intelligence of the intelligent bathroom mirror is also reflected in the connection of the network, online listen to the song.Enjoy singing in the bathroom.

4. Anti-fog: the smart bathroom mirror on the market can be added with anti-fog function, which is also one of the differences between the smart bathroom mirror and the ordinary bathroom mirror.After adding antifogging function, need not after every bath to take dishcloth to wipe mirror to be able to see clearly, give you the truest oneself.

5, waterproof: generally as long as the LED lights and touch switch of the mirror can be called smart bathroom mirror, and this kind of bathroom mirror also because of the internal with power.A lot of people worry about getting water into them, but they don’t need to worry. The smart bathroom mirror is waterproof.

6, prevent embroider: this kind of intelligence bathroom lens still has an advantage is won’t rust easily, service life is long.This also means that you don’t have to replace your bathroom mirror often because of rusty mirrors.

Two, bathroom lens ark should notice what when buying

1, look outward appearance: when lens of bathroom of choose and buy, should from front, flank, reverse wait for many Angle to observe a mirror.Good mirror from the appearance can not see bubbles, debris, pressure damage, glass incomplete, color, yellow spots, black spots, black edge and so on.

2, look at the mirror imaging effect: mirror imaging effect is better.In general, 5mm thick mirror in 2 meters imaging must not be deformed, must not have askew.

3, see open the door way: the bathroom lens ark on market has double open the door type, slide type, single open the door type.Need to undertake choosing according to the area size of oneself toilet.

4, see bearing: because bathroom lens wants to hang on the wall all the time, so choose a bearing ability is very important.General manufacturers will have a description, tell you how much to bear.

5, see a style: the choice of bathroom lens also should give attention to the overall style of the bathroom, want to be consistent with the overall style.For instance the style that a few elliptic mirrors suit Europe type quite, the style that square mirror suits Chinese style quite.

Above is about the function of intelligent bathroom lens and buy note, hope to have certain help to you;We are a manufacturer of bathroom mirrors in China. Our products include: bathroom led light fixtures over mirror,led mirror bathroom,led light mirror bathroom;Welcome to buy ~

Post time: Jan-04-2020
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