Teach you how to choose the bathroom mirror of practical high grade!

The mirror is toilet important component, to the integral design of the bathroom and style and practical and security are very important, choose a mirror so also want discreet, so, how should choose the bathroom mirror that suits oneself?

Border or no border is better

From the convenience of use and maintenance, frameless bathroom mirror is better than the style with frame, because the bathroom is often in a humid state, wood, leather and other frame materials are easy to change after use for a long time;


led mirror bathroom

And tell from beautiful point of view, the bathroom lens that has a frame is compared without frame mirror to have an advantage again, but the moistureproof quality that has taller requirement to frame material, the plated film case that should notice frame when buying.

Anti – fog mirror is not necessary to purchase

Special prevent mist lens, the price is expensive and the practicability to the bathroom is not big, did not buy commonly necessary, high grade mirror has basic prevent mist commonly prevent rust function.


led bathroom mirror with demister

If the water vapor in the bathroom environment is too large, you can choose an anti-fog film flat paste after the bath mirror;We can also apply detergent or soap water on the mirror, can effectively prevent water vapor condensation in the mirror, play the role of anti-fog.

On the discrimination of two-sided mirror

The perspective direction of the double-sided mirror is determined by the intensity of light. During the day, when the light is strong, indoor can be seen outdoors, while outdoor can’t be seen indoors.At night, when the light is turned on inside, the outside can be seen.Some people like to do be born mirror in the bathroom, also can use this kind of mirror.

There is a very simple and effective way to identify whether a bathroom mirror is a double-sided mirror. Stick a small makeup mirror to the mirror and compare it with your own face (or the same object).


led lighted bathroom mirror

When choosing LED bathroom mirror, you must consider the overall, choose the mirror that suits you, also pay attention to the choice of position when installing the mirror, pay attention to protect your privacy, but also consider security issues, to leave enough room for yourself.

Post time: Oct-10-2019
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