There are so many exquisite bathroom mirror selection, is really up knowledge!

The person of love beautiful heart all has, the mirror sorts out the important tool of appearance, and often appear in household each space.Among them, the bathroom is more indispensable mirror, because the bathroom is more moist nevertheless, vapor is much, the choice of bathroom mirror and mirror of other space shows different slightly.The bathroom mirror that comes to see how eligible one side of choose and buy below.

Part1: choose and buy the first step to distinguish the type of bathroom mirror

It’s always good to know the product category before you buy it.So below, to choose the bathroom mirror with high grade proper, we still come to see bathroom mirror first what classification to have.

1, bathroom mirror according to the material: aluminum mirror, silver mirror

Aluminum mirror: the use of high temperature will be solid aluminum directly gasification, and then gas aluminum spray to the surface of the glass, gas aluminum encountered cold glass and directly solidified into solid aluminum, aluminum film formed on the surface of the glass, and then coated with waterproof paint, the formation of aluminum mirror.

Silver mirror: use nitric acid silver, ammonia water to wait after passing chemical reaction to reduce silver ion metal silver is covered in glass surface, next besmear goes up waterproof lacquer, form silver mirror.

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Xiaobian summary: to sum up, in addition to the price of silver mirror, other aspects are completely inferior to aluminum mirror.Consumers mostly tend to choose good quality silver mirror, and because the appearance of silver mirror and aluminum mirror is very similar, many unscrupulous businesses take the opportunity to “aluminum” charge “silver”.Accordingly, remind consumer, notice when choose and buy by the distinction of two kinds of mirror that list above, discern a true silver-colored mirror.

2, bathroom mirror by shape: big bath mirror, table mirror, embedded bath mirror

The exterior of bathroom lens is various, look from exterior, can divide bathroom lens roughly into 3 kinds: big bath lens, stage lens and embedded bath lens.

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Small make up summary: the mirror of different appearance, have its distinctive advantage.Consumer can choose the mirror of proper appearance according to the circumstance of his bathroom and his be fond of.

3. Bathroom mirror function: anti-fog function

The water vapor in the bath always makes the mirror covered with a layer of mist, making the mirror useless.As technology advances, there are now solutions to a problem that drives many people crazy.

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Small make up summary: bathroom mirror is in the bathroom when water vapor is bigger, general meeting appears atomization circumstance, and if consumer cannot bear to this kind of circumstance, proposal can choose and buy an anti-fog bathroom mirror.

Part2: how to choose a skilled bathroom mirror

The knowledge such as the basic classification that tells bathroom lens in front introduced again, believe everybody when choose and buy, in the heart should already had bottom.But to make sure the product of choose and buy is foolproof, everybody still comes to see, the method skill that a few quality that can have the aid of when lens of bathroom of choose and buy identifies.

1, look at the appearance of the bathroom mirror

When lens of bathroom of choose and buy, answer from the multi-angle such as front, flank, reverse side to observe a mirror.A good mirror can not be seen from the appearance of bubbles, sundry, crush point, broken glass, discoloration, yellow spots, clouds, black spots, black edges.

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Second, look at the mirror imaging effect

The image effect of the mirror is better.In general, 5mm thick mirror within 2 meters imaging must not be deformed, not skew.And look at the straight lines.You can look in the mirror, pay attention to the distant straight object in the mirror, you can slightly move the line of sight, if the straight object is not bent out of shape, the mirror image effect is good.

Three, look at the mirror manufacturing process

With respect to bathroom lens, in order to protect silver ion and moisture in the air react, and cause lens black edge black spot, in silver film even above plating a layer of copper film, in copper film above laying a layer of primer and finish paint to strengthen protection, prolong the service life of the mirror.The opening of the mirror must not be broken at all.

Four, pick the thickness of the mirror

Mirror presses ply, price differs somewhat, general thick mirror is more expensive.Many people choose thinner mirror to save money, need to know the mirror is too thin easy to be broken, but the gain is not worth the loss, the proposal picks thickness to be 8mm.

Five, choose mirror style

The choice of bathroom lens also should give attention to two or more the integral style that gives attention to a bathroom, want consistent with integral style.For example the style that a few oval-shaped mirrors suit ou shi quite, quadrate mirror suits the style of Chinese style quite.

Six, value the function of bathroom lens

1. Waterproof and rust-proof bathroom mirror

Ordinary mirror if placed in a humid place for a long time will become dim, and even produce rust, peeling and other phenomena.Need to take the waterproof rust prevention function of the mirror seriously so.It is usually possible to get a close look at the figure in the mirror to see if it is floating, moving up and down or left and right to look at the object to see if it is bent out of shape.

2. Anti-fog bathroom mirror

There is a lot of fog in the bathroom after the shower, causing the surface of the mirror to blur.The market generally USES customized anti-fog film, is a kind of electricity can heat up translucent polyester film.Stick it on the back of the bath mirror before use.

3, receive function bathroom mirror

Bathroom general space is smaller, in considering beautiful while, other allowance function also should consider inside, take the mirror that receives a function to be able to make up for the inadequacy of bathroom space.Small family model can consider this function between wei yu.

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Part3: do not neglect to install the bathroom mirror properly

After a lot of candidates finish bathroom mirror, think everything is ok.Need to know, still have to attach importance to bathroom lens installation this one step.The stand or fall that bathroom lens installs has very big effect to bathroom metope and use choose and buy.Take a look below the note that bathroom lens installs.

The installation height of bathroom mirror

It is to stand to look in the mirror commonly in the bathroom, below bathroom lens the ground along the distance should be at least 135 centimeters, if the height difference between family member is bigger, can adjust up and down again.Try to place your face in the middle of the mirror for a better image, and generally keep the center of the mirror 160-165 centimeters from the ground.

Second, bathroom mirror fixed method

Measure the distance of the hook behind the mirror first, and then mark the mark on the wall, making holes in the mark.If it is a ceramic tile wall, it is necessary to drill the ceramic tile with a glass drill first, then punch the ceramic tile into 3CM with a percussion drill or electric hammer, put the plastic expansion pipe after making holes, then screw the self-tapping screw of 3CM, leave 0.5cm outside, and then hang the mirror.

3. Punch holes to protect the wall

When installation, pay attention not to destroy the wall, especially in the tile wall hanging mirror, try to choose in the material seam hole.It is better to drill holes by water drill.

Fourth, the glass glue fixation method needs to know

If glass glue is used to fix the mirror, please pay attention not to use acidic glass glue, but choose neutral glass glue. Acidic glass glue will usually react with the material on the back of the mirror, causing the speckle of the mirror.Before daub glue, had better do a compatibility test, see whether glue and material phase dissolve, with special mirror glue effect is best.

Five, bathroom mirror mirror lamp installation

Bathroom mirror should have good lamplight to cooperate commonly, because this lens headlamp or the lamp of mirror flank is very necessary.When installing mirror headlamps, be careful not to generate glare. A lampshade is recommended, or choose a light fixture with a frosted glass surface.

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Post time: Oct-17-2019
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