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With developed science and technology, many a family to decorate now into intelligent, but there are still a lot of family bathroom mirror or use is common bathroom mirror, a smart bathroom mirror the market at present, believe a lot of friends have not understand, JIAJE bathroom mirror factory for everybody below detailed introduction the relevant content of intelligent bathroom mirror.

One. how to connect the smart bathroom mirror?

1. Place

(1) in the bathroom is to stand to look at a mirror commonly, below bathroom lens edge should be apart from the ground at least 135 centimeters, if the height difference between family member is bigger, can up and down again adjust.

(2) let the face in the middle of the mirror, so that the imaging effect is better, in general, let the center of the mirror to keep 160-165 cm from the ground is better.

2. Specific operation

(1) the hook distance behind the mirror, and then mark the wall, make holes in the mark.

(2) the fruit is ceramic tile wall, need to use glass drill to drill ceramic tile first, use percussion drill or electric hammer to hit 3CM next, put into plastic expansion tube after making the hole, then turn on the self-tapping screw of 3CM, outside leave 0.5CM, then hang the mirror.

Two, the use of intelligent bathroom mirror function

1, prevent mist

The smart bathroom mirror on the market is to be able to add anti-fog function, this is also one of the differences between the smart bathroom mirror and the ordinary bathroom mirror.After adding antifogging function, need not after every bath to take dishcloth to wipe mirror to be able to see clearly, give you the truest oneself.

2, waterproof

(1) as long as the mirror with LED light and touch switch can be called smart bathroom mirror, and this kind of bathroom mirror is also because of the internal power supply, many people worry about water into the inside.

(2) there is no need to worry.This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof.If you’re worried about water resistance, here’s a rough way to do it: grab a glass and splash it over.

3, rust

This kind of intelligent bathroom mirror still has an advantage is won’t rust easily, service life is long.This also means that you don’t have to replace your bathroom mirror often because of rusty mirrors.

4. Listening function

The intelligence of intelligent defend bath lens still reflects in can connect a network, online listen to a song.Enjoy singing in the bathroom.

5. Real-time information

It allows users to check the news, weather and other information of the day by touching the screen while washing their hands or face. It also allows users to leave messages for their families and track their water and electricity consumption.

6. Time and temperature display

The new smart bathroom mirror is an android-based mirror that combines the system with home decor and displays real-time time and temperature.

The above is about the smart bathroom mirror how to wire and use the function of the introduction, after washing you will like;We are a professional manufacturer of bathroom mirrors, including led bathroom mirror,led bathroom mirror cabinet,best led bathroom mirror;Welcome to buy ~

Post time: Jan-04-2020
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