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Girl makeup has strict requirements on their own, go out must face delicate, makeup for a woman is a big failure, bad light with smart cosmetic mirror is very good to solve the problem, don’t have to worry about going out before and after the “color”, JIAJIE bathroom mirror factory today to share intelligence the usefulness and classification of cosmetic mirror, interested in little fairies can look!

One, the role of intelligent makeup mirror

1. It is a cosmetic mirror that can adjust the light intensity according to the needs of the cosmetic person by adding intelligent elements. It also has magnetic adsorption function and can be expanded locally to see every detail clearly.

2. Built-in smart stereo, you can make up and listen to music at the same time, keeping a happy mood all day.

3. A series of sensors can detect the skin condition of the face, which can not only protect the skin scientifically, but also help to recommend the right skincare products for you.

4, can display the weather and time, when connected to the Internet, can update the time and weather, smart local zoom, LED lights and so on.

Two, the type of intelligent makeup mirror

1. Creative makeup mirror LED intelligent lighting

Table intelligence makes up lens, can restore natural light of maximal intensity, show your makeup more true come out.Double mirror design, magnification design is to enlarge the facial details, can be more detailed makeup modification.One key switch, the operation is very simple.

2, table with lamp intelligent makeup mirror

The function of intelligent make up lens is to say goodbye to light trap, present beautiful makeup look.Sunlight level mirror light source, and sunlight similarity is very high, more color, will you the most real skin color restore.It’s very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about the difference between indoors and outdoors.

3. Finger touch LED makeup mirror

A mirror dual-use, concave mirror can magnify the details, choose glass silver mirror, can better restore the face, in color reduction degree also do the best, in the makeup can be modified according to their own shortcomings.Touch LED light and dark switch with one key.

4. Magic mirror portable intelligent cosmetic mirror with lamp

It’s very thin and thin, the size of a normal makeup mirror, but more powerful.Three kinds of light source, suitable for any occasion.By touch – slip magic aura, to enhance and reduce the intensity of light and light source switch.Wireless charging, less wire bondage, more convenient to use.

5.  Led intelligent makeup mirror

When you go out, there is always a makeup mirror in your bag, so you can check your makeup at any time and use it to repair it.If the light is dark, ordinary makeup mirror will not work, portable smart makeup mirror to help you solve this problem, at any time to illuminate your beauty.

6. Muid makeup mirror with lamp stand

It is an intelligence make up lens not only, brightness adjusts at will, can place the small receive of idle content, the thing that needs to make up is put above in advance, lest when the time comes dizzy turn cannot find the thing.Also can act as the bedside lamp, for you to create a warm and comfortable environment.

Above is about the function of intelligent makeup mirror and the introduction of the kind, I hope you will like;We are a professional bathroom mirror manufacturer in China, and our products include: led bathroom mirror,led backlit bathroom mirror,bluetooth led bathroom mirror;Welcome to buy ~!


Post time: Jan-04-2020
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