What are the functions of the smart bathroom mirror

 Smart bathroom mirror is one of the popular intelligent household, believe that most of the family bathroom or the use of the basic bathroom mirror.Today, China smart bathroom mirror factory will take you to understand the smart bathroom mirror, let us understand its smart place.

  Time and temperature display

  The new smart bathroom mirror is an android-based mirror that combines the system with home decor and displays real-time time and temperature.

  Access to real-time information

  It allows users to check today’s news, weather and other information by touching the screen while washing their hands or faces. It can also leave a message for family members and track the use of water and electricity at home.

  Three, listen to music function

  Intelligent bathroom mirror is also reflected in the intelligence of the Internet, online listening to music.Enjoy singing in the bathroom.

  Fourth, prevent mist

  The intelligent bathroom mirror on market is ok additional prevent mist function, this also is one of distinction of intelligent bathroom mirror and common bathroom mirror.After adding anti-fog function, do not need to take dishcloth to wipe mirror face ability to see clearly after taking a bath every time, give you a most true oneself.

  Five, waterproof

  A mirror with LED lights and a touch switch can be called an intelligent bathroom mirror, and many people worry about getting water inside because of the power supply.There’s no need to worry.This smart bathroom mirror is waterproof.If you’re worried about water resistance, here’s the easiest way to do it.

  Six, anti-embroidered

  The smart bathroom mirror also has the added benefit of not rusting easily and having a long service life.This also means you don’t have to replace your bathroom mirror as often as you’d like because it rusts.

  Above is the 6 big functions of intelligent bathroom mirror, everybody understood.Intelligent products have gradually replaced the traditional home, we can start from the bathroom mirror this small home appliances, experience intelligent life.We are a professional bathroom mirror manufacturer, welcome you to consult us for more products:suspended bathroom mirror,touch screen bathroom mirror,recessed bathroom mirror.

Post time: Aug-20-2019
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