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The little fairy who loves makeup can’t do without the mirror, the bathroom wall mirror, the floor coat mirror in the hall, etc. What is the difference?

  The makeup mirror is a classification of the mirror, and also refers to the bathroom mirror for makeup, also known as the Bathroom Make Up Cosmetic Mirror.

  Difference in mirror plane

  Bathroom Makeup Mirror are generally curved mirrors.

  The curved mirror has a concave mirror and a convex mirror. The convex mirror can enlarge the face, so that the makeup is clearer;

  It is convenient for the makeup artist to see the nuances of the photographed part.

  The ordinary mirror is the plane mirror, which is the same size as a real person.

  Jiajie bathroom mirror factory can produce 2x magnifying bathroom mirror, 3x magnifying bathroom mirror and 5x magnifying bathroom mirror;


2x Magnifying Makeup Bathroom Mirror With Led

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  Difference in mirror function

  The bathroom vanity mirrors have a magnified surface in different proportions. This makes it easy for the makeup artist to see the nuances of the part being photographed.

  Some bathroom mirror LED also have the function of lighting.

  For example, bathroom lighted makeup mirror produced by Jiajie


Bathroom Mirror Led Lighted

  A mirror is an object with a smooth surface and the ability to reflect light.

  The most common mirrors are plane mirrors, which are often used by people to organize their appearance.

Mirror application difference

  The mirror is mainly used as a makeup mirror, furniture accessories and mirrors for solar cookers, headlights and searchlights, reflective telescopes, car rearview mirrors, etc.

  Corner bathroom mirror with light, often placed in specific corners of the home;

  For example, home bathroom Led mirror are used to assist in makeup, shaving, combing hair, etc.

  The fog free bathroom mirror, the fogless shower mirror, the frameless bathroom mirror and the Led backlit bathroom mirror produced by Jiajie Bathroom Mirror Factory;


American Style Ul Certified Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

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