What is the function of led intelligent bathroom mirror

Many people have heard of led intelligent bathroom mirror, what role does led intelligent bathroom mirror have?Today by China bathroom mirror factory for you one answer.

LED intelligent bathroom mirror refers to the intelligent bathroom mirror that can be turned on or off by touching the switch. This LED intelligent bathroom light has many functions.

1. Fog removal function

The intelligent bathroom mirror on market is equipped with anti-fog function, which is also one of the differences between intelligent bathroom mirror and common bathroom mirror.After adding antifogging function, need not take dishcloth to wipe lens face ability to see clearly after taking bath every time, this function is very convenient.

2, waterproof function

LED smart bathroom mirror because of the internal power supply, many people worry about getting into the water.There’s no need to worry, this smart bathroom mirror is waterproof.

3. Anti-embroidery function

The smart bathroom mirror also has the added benefit of not rusting easily and having a long service life.This also means you don’t have to replace your bathroom mirror as often as you’d like because it rusts.

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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