What is the height of bathroom mirror installation? What are the precautions for bathroom mirror installation?

In the bathroom, the mirror is a very important object, it is not only very practical, also rose to decorate the effect of the bathroom at the same time, and to narrow bathroom, the mirror can let whole space have the effect that enlarge, so, should be like installation after bathroom mirror is bought?What is the height of the installation?Below small make up bathroom mirror manufacturer introduces for everybody.

How high is the bathroom mirror installed?

In the bathroom is generally standing to look at the mirror, so the height of the bathroom mirror from the ground at least 135cm away, this height is suitable for the height of adults in the home;

If the height gap between family members is large, especially in families with children, the height of bathroom mirrors can be adjusted appropriately.

Height of bathroom mirror should center with human face head, the result that such imaging is better.

Of course also have more special case, that is the use of full-body mirror, this kind of bathroom mirror installation height does not have many requirements, according to their preferences and can see their own body through the mirror on the line.

What are the precautions for the installation of bathroom mirrors?

1. Installation location selection

The mirror of the bathroom does not want to install to the position of the window commonly, because the environment outside the window is changeful, float object is blown easily because of gale, anyhow unlucky article is too much.

Hard to avoid in their own use of the mirror, reflection to see what is not good things, causing fear, fear, make the heart uneasy.The bathroom mirror, after all, is used sooner or later.

In addition, do not install the bathroom mirror to the door, so as not to enter the bathroom semi-conscious state, see their own appearance, frighten yourself.The human spirit and soul are easily frightened.

2, hole to protect the wall

When installing, pay attention not to destroy metope, hang a mirror on ceramic tile metope especially, choose to perforate in material juncture place as far as possible.Drilling is best done by means of hydraulic drilling.

3. Fixing method of glass glue

If it is to use glass glue to fix bathroom mirror, pay attention not to use acid glass glue, should choose neutral glue, acid glass glue will usually react with the material on the back of the mirror, resulting in mottled mirror.

Before daub glue, had better do a miscibility test, see glue and material phase dissolve, with special mirror glue effect is best.

4, bathroom mirror lamp installation

The bathroom mirror is equipped with either mirror headlights or mirror side lights. The installation of mirror headlights should pay attention to generating dazzling light, which can be prevented by installing lampshades or by installing lamps with frosted surfaces to prevent dazzling light.

5. Bathroom mirror style selection

Bathroom mirror had better choose the design that does not have frame, because often be in damp state inside the bathroom, material of frame such as woodiness, leather USES time to grow easy to appear moldy, be out of shape wait for a circumstance, serious meeting can bring about mirror to fall off, threaten the personal safety of domestic member.

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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